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Amrita Bars

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Amrita Bars

Amrita Bars, where have you been all my life?? I discovered Amrita bars at a TriMarni triathlon camp in early 2018 and have been ordering them online ever since. Not only are they tasty, chewy (I have a thing for food texture), and well-portioned, they’re soy-free, gluten-free, plantbased (vegan), and made with REAL FOOD! In early 2018, I was less than a year into my plantbased journey and still discovering tasty, plantbased food items so these bars were a godsend. I recently ordered a box their protein bars, which I’ve been eating for a few weeks now as a post-workout recovery snack. These have been great since I’m not a big fan of protein shakes, whey or no whey.

Besides great taste and nutrition, the story behind Amrita Bars is so inspiring. From their website:

“At the age of two, Arshad’s son was diagnosed with autism and severe gastrointestinal issues. In order to get their son on track, Arshad and his wife started their son on an aggressive gluten-free and dairy-free nutrition program. The nutritional changes helped heal his gastrointestinal issues, which allowed for better absorption of nutrition, which in turn made it easier for him to focus on other necessary therapies. Within three years, their son was in a mainstream classroom and was doing well both academically and socially.”

Out of this health and nutritional journey came Amrita Bars. Read the full story here. This really resonated with me. In June 2017 I stumbled upon The Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffery Bland, and a part of the book discussed the possible link between diet and autism, but I’d never seen it play out in real life until reading the Amrita Bars story.

The Bars

I had tried the mango coconut energy bars and the chocolate maca protein bars, but I wanted to try more flavors so I ordered the AMRITA BARS HIGH PROTEIN VARIETY PACK and the AMRITA BARS SUPERFOOD VARIETY PACK to try them all out. Here are my thoughts:

Energy Bars

Pineapple Chia: a light pineapple flavor, not too sweet. Dried pineapple is a favorite snack in our house so this was delicious.

Cranberry Raisin: so yum! This bar was very jam-tasting, but not tart from the cranberries.

Apricot Strawberry: delicious! There’s not a strong apricot or strawberry flavor. A lighter tasting bar.

Mango Coconut: this was my go-to before getting my hands on the variety packs. Very tasty and an all-time favorite.

Protein Bars

Sunflower Butter & Jelly: a tastier version of PB&J. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Tastier than I thought. I think I might order a whole box next time.

Chocolate & Maca: this was my go-to protein bar before trying the other flavors. Great for chocolate lovers, but not overwhelmingly chocolately.

Coconut Chocolate Chip: this is the bar for supreme chocolate lovers. So much chocolate flavor!

Apple Cinnamon: another yummy option. This one isn’t overly sweet so if you’re tapped out from the chocolate, or just not a fan of chocolate, this one’s for you.

Dark Chocolate Quinoa: another one for the chocolate lovers. The quinoa grains adds a pleasant, slightly crunchy texture to this high protein bar.


I’m so excited to announce that I will be an Amrita Ambassador for 2019! As you can tell, I love the product, and having spoken to CEO & Founder Arshad on the phone, I love their origin story and mission. I can’t wait to introduce more people these amazing, plantbased protein and energy bars!

Amrita Bars Discount Code

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