Archive Month: July 2019

Tri the Swamp Rabbit + Clemson Triathlon Race Recap

The first half of July was focused on getting some good training in after a challenging endurance camp with TriMarni in Greenville, SC. The South Carolina heat was in full effect – the thermometer temperature was always in the 90s with a feel-like temperature in the triple digits! I made sure to treat myself right […]

Working with Kershaw County Law Enforcement to Improve Road Safety

On September 9, 2018, I had a driver tell me she wanted to kill me for riding my bike on the road. What seemed to be a lovely, old couple coming from church were adamant that I had no right to ride my bike on the same road as them, and they straight up told […]

Training + TriMarni Camp – June 2019

Although I had no races in the schedule for June, it proved to be a busy month of training and work. When my work stress increases, I have to be able to manage my training stress better. I had a lot of prospect meetings this month so I was appreciative of a 13.5 hour training […]