Flight of The Dove Metric Century Ride

Flight of The Dove Metric Century Ride

The “Flight of the Dove” is a 62 mile bike ride through Clinton and Greenwood, South Carolina. This bike ride had more than 300 participants and raised funds for the Hospice of Laurens County. It began and ended at the stadium at Presbyterian College.

Upon arrival to this event, Fiona and Amy saw each other and commented on the number of people from the FGM Internet Marketing Cycling Team. It appeared there were quite a few team members representing FGM Internet Marketing and wearing their cycling kits. Lance was getting prepared to tear it up on the course, since it was his first metric century group ride.The ride started at 8am and the weather seemed almost perfect at that time of morning for a ride. Fiona and Lance started out in a group with Chris,Pamela, and Ricky.

The group was huge and had about 30 cyclists in it. Amy and Scott started a little bit behind that same front group and worked for the first 3-4 miles with a group of about 5-6 cyclists to catch up. The ride started out very fast and tight. There were many times one could hear “slowing” and the screech of brakes as other cyclists were stopping almost suddenly.

This part of the ride was a nail-biter. None of us wanted to be on someone else’s back wheel.  Fiona, Amy, Chris, and Lance made their way towards the front of the group where the riding was not as tight and anxiety laden. They stayed there until the first rest stop where half of the huge group stopped to rest and get fluids. Fiona, Lance, Amy, and Chris decided to forgo the rest stop and kept riding with about 10 other cyclists.

The speed remained blistering fast as they reached the second rest stop at mile 38. Amy’s friend checked his bike computer for the average speed and commented that his average speed was 22.8 mph for the first 38 miles of this ride. After a quick stop for food and drink the group was off again and still as fast. Taking turns pulling at the front the FGM Internet Cycling Team was tearing up the course and dropping other cyclists from the group.

The last 24 miles of this ride were hilly. FGM Internet Marketing cycling team held tight to their philosophy of “Enjoying the Downhill” and tried their best to use the downhill momentum to propel the pace line up the hills. Finishing the ride in just under 3 hours, this team was fast. The average speed for this ride was 21 mph and the FGM Internet Marketing Cycling Team enjoyed every minute of the speed. Well… almost every minute.